YoungDrive - Activity Descriptions

4x4 Jungle Ride

The Instructor drives the children in a Land Rover or Daihatsu along a narrow, muddy track through rampant undergrowth.

Deep gullies, steep slopes, ruts and tree roots are all encountered on this exciting ride. A teenager aged 14 or over may also drive this course as part of a YoungDriver training session.

4x4 Mini Trial

Drive our custom made two-seater off road buggy over a rugged 4x4 trials course, up and down hills and across side-slopes, without hitting any trees, getting stuck or parking it on it's roof!

Blindfold 4x4 driving

An activity where communication is paramount! Can you direct a blindfolded friend around a twisty, hilly section of terrain?

Then it will be your turn to follow directions and steer the 4x4 vehicle blind-folded!


A most peculiar vehicle, designed and built in our workshops, with two independently-steered axles.

What's more, the two steering wheels are incorporated into seats! Co-operation between the two drivers is vital, as each twists and turns on their stool, attempting to maneuvre the beast through the course marked out with cones.

Quad Time Trials

After Learning the Controls of our 50cc Suzuki Quad, you set off on some practice laps to learn the circuit.

Then you're up against the clock negotiating the tight corners and twisty slalom whilst trying not to knock over any cones.

Finally back into the pit lane, hoping you've got the fastest time!


Try your hand at hitting the target with a sporting composite bow. Whether you have tried it before or this is your first time you will be sure to enjoy this satisfying shooting experience.

Quad Circuits

After being shown the controls and riding a practice lap, now see if you can remember how to start the quad bike.

Ride this tight and twisty slalom course and then reverse park the bike into a bay, against the clock!

Quad Obstacle Course

After walking the course attempt to drive an ATV on this course full of obstacles, such as rumble strips, see-saw, and our infamous limbo bar. Can you complete the course without making any mistakes?

Rallykart time Trials

Can you drive an off-road go kart faster than your friends?

Take control of this mean machine over bumpy off-road terrain, pitting you wits against the clock, knowing that every mistake could cost you vital seconds!