YoungDrive - Individual Activities:

Monster Truck Ride:


Our star vehicle ‘Grizzly’ a 7.5 litre V8 full size American monster truck is now available for you to enjoy like never before!!

Sat high up in the back of Grizzly on one of 8 purpose built seats you can enjoy a 15 minute thrilling ride round our muddy site as she banks round sharp corners, and Grizzly demonstrates her awesome size as she climbs over soil mounds and makes light work of driving over a pair of cars.

This ride is a truly rare and unique opportunity and can be enjoyed by children and adults.

Whats included

-Refreshments on arrival
-An introduction & history of the monster truck from one of our experienced instructors
-A 15 minute ride around our 25 acre site, including driving over obstacles and cars
-Time for photos after the ride including the opportunity to sit in the cab for a picture.
-Expect to be on site for around 1 hour


-Miniumum age 8yrs old
-Riders under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult who is willing to except the responsibility of ensuring there child/ children remain seated with their seat belt on.

What do I need to know?

Wellington boots or walking boots and clothing suited to the potentially muddy countryside will be required for participants and spectators
-If it's sunny on the day we suggest that you bring sun block and a sun hat as some of the courses are not in shaded areas. On rainy day bring and umbrella if you have one, please note there are no hard standing or sheltered viewing areas once out on site.
-Up to two spectators welcome.
-This is a bumpy ride and whilst's it's all great fun if you have a bad back please contact us to discuss suitability.
-This ride is available on selected weekend dates throughout the year from spring to autumn.

Tech Specs




Bespoke manufacture, Silverado body


Full roll cage, full dials, alloy chequered plate dash and door cards, racing seats with full harness seat belts

Rear Seats:

Full bucket seat with lap strap

Engine Size:

7.5 V8, 454 cubic inch, big block + 30 thou pistons




Th400 automatic box

Gears No:

3 Speed automatic

Transfer box:

GMC M54 3 Reo ton


GMC M54 Reo 5 ton


Michelin 1000/50R25 mega rib tyres


4x4 (part time)

Wheel Dia:









7 ton